Irresistible temptations


I had told myself I absolutely do not need another pair of shoes anymore. But this came along and was so cute and adorable that I could not stop myself from getting it. Don’t you agree its just a sight to behold?


I bought at this shop called Le Pommier at Bugis Junction. They have so many fun designs that it was quite difficult to choose one. Not that I would mind buying more, but they are not exactly cheap. But I thought it was well worth the price.

My sis is tempted too. Heh heh.

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  1. Its comfortable beyond words! I was quite surprised too, but the sales assistant had been so sure that I decided to believe her (cos she herself bought 4 pairs!). Its true. Cost $89.90 and the shop is located on the second floor of BJ (near Jean Yip I think).

    This design was actually not my first choice, cos they didn’t have my fav in my size. But I thought this was nice too.

    Happy shopping! Show me your buys if you got one, ok? =)

  2. My pics do no justice to the shoes. Its actually made of soft leather, and the pics on them (the house, water, leaves) are also pieces of leather hand-sewn onto the shoes. Guess that’s why its quite pricey.

    But still worth. Heh. Trust me, you’ll be charmed too, when you see them.

  3. I bought a pair and i going for a 2nd pair again….totally love it & its so comfortable….doesnt get stinky with sweaty feet unlike some other leather shoes…good for walking.

  4. i chanced upon the shop 2 Sat ago and bought 5 pairs..not exactly comfi yet as the leather cut my skin but it is bwtter than my other heals and design are cool lots of ppl ask abt the shoes since i wore

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